Sale of Musharraf Assets----A malicious propaganda campaign

PM aptJan. 6th, 2014: Dr. Raza Bokhari, international spokesperson of General Pervez Musharraf issued the following statement to various media outlets:

We categorically refute the claim by certain media outlets that the home of Former President Musharraf in London has been put on sale or that his bank account has been frozen.

All liquid and illiquid assets of the Former President have been accrued through lawful means and remain in good standing, whether in Pakistan, United Kingdom, or United Arab Emirates.

It is unfortunate that certain malicious elements are disseminating false, fictitious and fabricated stories about Former President Musharraf at this sensitive time.

For more info, contact Shailah Yazdani, Senior Special Assistant to Former President Musharraf, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..