Judicial malice on STEROIDS---Lifetime ban on Musharraf contesting elections

PM - SCApril 30th, 2013: Dr. Raza Bokhari, International Spokesman and North American Point of Contact to General Pervez Musharraf, Former President of Pakistan and Chief of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), in speaking to various media outlets issued the following statement:

We consider the verdict of the Peshawar High Court imposing a life-time ban on Former President Musharraf contesting elections a display of "Judicial malice on steroids." We resonate with the sentiments of Ali Dayan Hasan, Pakistan Director at Human Rights Watch, who earlier today through multiple tweets stated "Peshawar High Court's lifetime disqualification of Musharraf under controversial Articles 62 & 63 is highly questionable. Courts should dispense justice based on implementable law, not act as moral guardians & arbitrarily curb political participation. It is wrong to ban anyone from holding public office for life because judges arbitrarily decide they are of bad character. If allowed in Musharraf's case, all political participation in Pakistan will be hostage to the questionable whims & moral views of judges."
We believe that certain malicious judges in their pre-meditated quest to fulfill their self-serving egos and push a vindictive agenda are dangerously over-stepping their jurisdiction in gross violation of the law. These unjust actions are not dampening the resolve and passion of Former President Musharraf's desire to participate in the political process to help the people of Pakistan lead a better life; a life in which they can live in peace and happiness with abundant economic opportunities without threat from vicious militants, intolerant extremist organizations and an activist Judiciary accruing unwarranted powers.
A panel of eminent lawyers representing Former President Musharraf is filing an appeal in the Supreme Court of Pakistan challenging this over-reaching decision of the Peshawar High Court. We expect the apex court to demonstrate prudence and to not deny the people of Pakistan the option to consider choosing Former President Musharraf as their elected leader. Any decision to the contrary can put into question the moral authority of the court and begin to raise suspicions that the Supreme Court is also party to muzzling liberal and progressive voices in the country and is attempting  to aid pro-Taliban politicians in stealing the upcoming elections.

For more information, contact Shailah Yazdani, Senior Special Assistant to Former President Musharraf, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..